Elizabeth is a 24 year old university student studying design and illustration at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. She specializes in digital media and graphic design, with her emphasis being elaborate character designs and logo development. Elizabeth is skilled with her use of color and lighting for all medias, traditional and digital. She translates these talents seamlessly to the graphic design world, creating logos and other digital business designs that enables brand recognition.

Elizabeth is also a highly skilled painter, and creates both traditional and abstract pieces on canvas, preferring acrylic and watercolor techniques to draw post-apocalyptic landscapes, or even a series of autumn leaves blowing in the breeze. These pieces are elaborately detailed focal points of any room. In her spare time she enjoys movies, working out, reading, gaming, zombies, kittens, and sleeping with paint-brushes in her bed.

She also really despises "about me" sections, but enjoys the moment to talk in third person.


  • Illustration
  • Character concepts
  • logo design
  • killing zombies